Middle East Aflame!

Since the end of the Turkish Empire in World War 1, the Middle East has been destabilised. The Allies drew up new borders disregarding the ethic differences in the population. Since the rise of Mohammed in 622AD, these countries have not individually managed their own affairs.

When some Jews began to return to the land, they had to negotiate with the landowners who lived in Constantinople, and so the Arabs and Palestinians, who were tenant farmers, were sent off the land. Increasing pogroms in Russia, drove many Jews back to their ancient homeland. Originally, the Jews settled in the land (of Israel) from 1,500BC. The Romans conquered the land, and expelled Jews in AD70 and again AD134. It was dominated by Rome, and then the Eastern Roman Empire until Mohammed, 622AD. So separate ME countries have not been independent since Rome entered the East.

Israel is the ONLY democratic country in the whole area. Their situation is precarious, but they know they are safe no-where else. After the 1956, 1967, 1973 wars, Jordan and Egypt made peace with Israel, and these countries cooperate in a number of ways. The establishment of Israel is a MODERN PHENOMENON. No other ancient people have been repatriated. The prophecy of Ezekiel 37 is remarkable. See also Romans 11:25-32.

Some present Muslim governments show a brutal face. Not so Turkey, whose ruler was wise enough to separate the political from the religious post-WW1. The Muslims in time past offered a haven to dissenting Christian groups and Jews, so they have not always been so cruel.

In the century following the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars, Europe went through many demonstrations and rebellions, ultimately finishing the dominant royal houses.  With the demise of the Turkish Empire, the Middle East is suffering similar chaos. It will take an all-wise King to ultimately settle the question. When the King reigns from Zion, there will be peace between many Middle Eastern peoples. Note some Arabian tribes are mentioned as worshipping at Jerusalem in Isaiah 60.

The Muslims believe in Father Abraham, and accept Jesus as a prophet (though not Son of God). They also believe in ONE God, not the idolatrous trinity of the Church. (see Deuteronomy 6:4; Jesus accepts this in Mark 12:28-34).

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