Brexit – Britain leaves the EU

Historically, Britain has never been joined with Europe. For over 500 years, Britain has been a trade sea trading power, in fact the mart of nations, which led her to colonise many countries.

Britain has been in Europe since the mid 1970’s. The Bible is clear that at the time of Armageddon when Russia invades the Middle East and advances to occupy Egypt, Britain will make a separate stand from Europe. Portrayed in Ezekiel 38:13 as the modern Tarshish with her commonwealth countries described as “young lions” (she is the mother lion), she will challenge the northern invader.

The Lord will arrive at Jerusalem to prevent stop the deportation of Jews and deliver the occupied city of Jerusalem (read Daniel 11:45; Zechariah 14) and set up his throne there (Zechariah 14:9; Isaiah 2:2-4).

However the nations of Europe (the 10 horns-kings of the Roman beast depicted in Revelation 17:12-14) will “make war with the Lamb” This attempt to challenge the King of Jerusalem – claiming that he is “anti-christ” is the subject of Psalm 2. This war is further described in Revelation 19:19,20. Their end is certain.

Watch this excellent talk produced in February of this year.

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