The Bible is Reliable

The Bible has more ancient manuscripts than any other historical document.  Learn about this and how the meticulous transcription of the scribes ensured the accuracy of both Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. Find out more about The Bible is Reliable

Essential Steps to Bible Knowledge

We offer a series of lessons on specific Bible subjects.  Notice each part will present Bible verses and help you understand them in their context.  New Testament teaching will always refer to the source in the Hebrew Scriptures, as Jesus taught from the Hebrew Scriptures (Luke 24:44). Find out more about Essential Steps to Bible Knowledge

The Truth about what to Believe

There are key Bible matters which underpin the Truth of the Bible.  These key teachings were taught by Christ and the apostles and are the foundation of Bible knowledge.  Those who were baptised were required to continue in these foundation principles (Act 2:42; 8:12). Find out more about The Truth about what to Believe

Bible Prophecy

God has revealed His great plan to those who seek to honour Him.  The Lord Jesus advised that Daniel was the basis of prophecy (Matthew 24:15) that was later expanded in Revelation (cp 1:1).  Prophecies once ‘sealed’ are now clearly discernible in these “end times”.  (Amos 3:7; Daniel 12:9,10) Find out more about Bible Prophecy

Following Christ

We need to know about Jesus Christ in order to follow him.  “Be conformed to the image of the Son” (Romans 8:29), and so Christ is the model for all who want to honour God. Find out more about Following Christ

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