Weekly Bible-based Talks

Bible prophecy And current events, happening NOW

Date: Sunday 3rd December 2017
Time: 7pm

Location: Kaiapoi Christadelphians, 12 Williams Street (Blue Skies), Kaiapoi

The Bible assures us in Amos 3v7 that ALL future plans that God has for this earth, its inhabitants and his people are proclaimed with its pages. In other words, the Bible contains more breaking news than any news channel on social media. Want to know what the future has in store for you and your family? Want to see just how news media should be conducted? Come and see when, why and how it is happening. Be amazed.

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Bible Seminar Series

Bible Education Seminar Option 1

True Bible Teaching

Receive an overview of the Bible’s teaching as it relates to the key elements of a biblical faith. We will be answering questions such as; Who are God and Jesus Christ and how are they related? What is the nature of man? Is there a supernatural devil? What happens when we die? These questions and others, will be answered carefully, taking into account the full context of the Bible’s message.

Time: Thursday 7:30pm
Location: Christchurch Papanui Library, 35 Langdons Road, Christchurch
Starts: October 5th 2017
Duration: 8 Weeks

Bible Education Seminar Option 2

The Good News of the Bible and How it Relates to You

Explore the life of the Old Testament character Abraham. See the development of amazing promises that he received from God and learn how you can be a part of these too. Understand what ‘The Gospel’ means and how its message is more relevant than ever today!

Time: Tuesday 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Location: Christchurch Riccarton Library, 71 Main South Road, Christchurch
Starts: October 3rd 2017
Duration: 8 Weeks