Basic Bible Reading Chart

This chart provides a reading every day for four months. Ultimately however, the whole of the Bible must be read. “ALL Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable…”   2 Timothy 3:16

The Book of Beginnings
SunGenesis 1The Creation
MonGenesis 2The Garden
TueGenesis 3The Promise of Redemption
WedGenesis 4 & 5Those out of the way
ThuGenesis 6 & 7The Flood
FriGenesis 8 & 9
SatGenesis 11God calls a man, Abram
The Promise and Covenant to Abraham
SunGenesis 12 & 13God promised Abraham
MonGenesis 14Walk in the land
TueGenesis 15The Covenant is made
WedGenesis 16Sarah tries it her way
ThuGenesis 17God explains
FriGenesis 18The promise - a child
SatGenesis 19The Terror
SunGenesis 21The "two seeds"
MonGenesis 22The Covenant made sure by Oath
TueGenesis 23Sarah dies
WedGenesis 24A wife for Isaac
The Promise to Isaac and Jacob
ThuGenesis 25The two boys
FriGenesis 27Isaac's choice thwarted
SatGenesis 28God speaks to Isaac & Jacob
SunGenesis 35Jacob returns
MonGenesis 46 & 50Israel in Egypt
Israel brought into the Land
TueExodus 1Israel in Egypt
WedExodus 2Moses being prepared
ThuExodus 3God commissions Moses
FriExodus 6God's intentions with Israel
SatExodus 11 & 12The terrible night - Passover
SunExodus 14Leaving Egypt
MonExodus 19Israel comes to Sinai
TueExodus 20The Law is given
WedExodus 24 & 25The Mosaic Covenant and worship
ThuNumbers 11An example of faithlessness
FriNumbers 13Look at your inheritance!
SatNumbers 14The Lord's judgment
SunDeuteronomy 6Keeping the way of God
MonDeuteronomy 7
TueDeuteronomy 8
WedDeuteronomy 11
ThuJoshua 1 & 2Joshua, the new leader
FriJoshua 3Crossing over Jordan
SatJoshua 23Joshua exhorts Israel
Sun Joshua 24
Samuel leads Israel
Mon1 Samuel 1A promised child
Tue1 Samuel 2The sin of the priests
Wed1 Samuel 3 & 4Samuel, the prophet
Thu1 Samuel 8A King!
Fri1 Samuel 9Samuel encourages Saul
Sat1 Samuel 10
Sun1 Samuel 15Saul disobeys, again!
Mon1 Samuel 16David anointed
Tue1 Samuel 17David takes up the challenge
Wed1 Samuel 19David and Jonathan
Thu1 Samuel 26David keeps faith
Fri1 Samuel 31Saul dies
God makes Promise to David
Sat2 Samuel 5David's Kingdom established
Sun2 Samuel 7God's Covenant with David
MonPsalm 80God's purpose with David
TuePsalm 132God's greater son, Jesus
Wed2 Samuel 8 & 9 David's Kingdom extended
Thu1 Chronicles 28Instructions to Solomon
Fri1 Chronicles 29Solomon installed as King
Sat1 Kings 4The Kingdom
Sun1 Kings 10The Glory of the Kingdom
The Kingdom of Israel is Divided and Declines
Mon1 Kings 11Despite sin, covenant to David is sure
Tues1 Kings 12The false religion of Jeroboam
Wed1 Kings 21Some kings are wicked
Thu2 Kings 4But there remain some faithful
Fri2 Chronicles 36The Kingdom brought to an en
SatEzekiel 21Kingdom overturned till Christ
Israel will be Restored
SunEzekiel 36Israel converted
MonEzekiel 37Israel regathered
TueJeremiah 30
WedJeremiah 31Israel ruled by "the Branch"
ThuPsalm 2; 72The King and the Kingdom
FriMicah 3 & 4Restored after punishment
SatIsaiah 51Restored in the faith of Abraham
SunIsaiah 59:20 - ch 60 The glory of the Kingdom
MonIsaiah 65The 'new heavens & new earth'
TueZechariah 12Israel recognise Christ
WedZechariah 14The confrontation in Jerusalem
Christ, the Son and the King
ThuLuke 1The birth of the Saviour
FriLuke 2
SatLuke 3John the Baptist the 'announcer'
SunMatthew 5The Policy speech of the King
MonMatthew 6
TueMatthew 7
WedMatthew 13Be receptive to the Word of God
ThuMatthew 18Despise not these little ones
FriMatthew 19What discipleship means
SatMatthew 23The indictment of formalised religion
SunJohn 11The Resurrection and the Life
MonMatthew 24"Know that he is near"
TueMatthew 25Be always ready
WedJohn 14Keep my commandments
ThuJohn 15Abide in me
FriLuke 22Not my will
SatJohn 17Neither pray I for these alone...
SunJohn 19And they crucified him
MonMatthew 28He is risen!
The Apostles are sent forth
TueActs 1Witnesses unto me
WedActs 2Peter proclaims Christ
ThuActs 3Christ, seed of Abraham
FriActs 6Ecclesia organised
SatEphesians 4The ecclesia as the body of Christ
SunActs 8The Word spreads
MonAcs 9Saul, the chosen vessel
TueActs 10The Gentiles may come in!
The Teaching of the Apostles
WedActs 15The Mosaic Law limited
ThuGalatians 3Abrahamic Promise supercedes the Law
Fri1 Corinthians 1Refuse the wisdom of man (Greeks)
Sat1 Corinthians 10Guard against double standards
Sun1 Corinthians 11Keep the ordinances
Mon1 Corinthians 12Let the body have care
Tue1 Corinthians 15The resurrection is our Hope
WedRomans 5 &6The old and new life
ThuRomans 8Walk after the spirit
Fri1 Peter 2Behaviour
SatEphesians 5Behaviour in private life
SunEphesians 6
MonPhilippians 2Be like mined
Tue2 Timothy 2Guidance for believers
Wed2 Peter 1Keep the faith
Thu2 Peter 2Because false teachers will arise
FriActs 20As also warned Paul
Sat2 Peter 3Look for the coming
Sun1 John 2Love not the world
Mon1 John 3Our works reveal us
Tue1 John 4Remain in God's love
Christ's Last Message
WedRevelation 1 & 3The Revelation of Christ
ThuRevelation 5The reign of Christ
FriRevelation 19The final conflict


The Bible Reading Chart is put together for your convenience, to provide an outline of the teaching of the Bible. Once you have an overview of what the Bible is all about, we hope you will better appreciate the message when you read the Bible in its entirety.