How Christ comes to rule the world

Christ’s Second Coming

events at return

Christ will return literally and visibly                                                                   Acts 1:11

He brings his reward with him for his faithful followers                         Revelation 22:12

The dead will be raised and judged                                                                  Daniel 12:2

The Lord will judge the world                                                                           Acts 17:31

He establishes righteousness and peace                                                           Isaiah 61:11

His Kingdom will destroy the Kingdom of men                                              Daniel 2:44

The kingdom will last for ever                                                                          Daniel 7:27


Signs of his near return

TheTurkish Empire has “dried up”                                                          Revelation 16:12

Zion will be rebuilt                                                                             Psalm 102:13, 16, 18

Israel’s fall from grace is temporary, they will be saved                   Romans 11:11-15, 25

The regathering of Israel, and their nationhood                                        Ezekiel 37:21,22

Worldwide decline in morality                                                                 2 Timothy 3:1-5

False teaching                                                                                                  2 Peter 3:3-5

General preparation for war among the nations                                                 Joel 3:9-10

The rise of the Russian power                                                                          Ezekiel 38:2

The nations divided into two armed blocs                                               Daniel 11:40-45


The Judgment seat of Christ

Christ is the Judge                                                                                             John 5:27

Judgment when Christ comes & dead are raised                                     2 Timothy 4:1

The basis for judgment: the Word of God                                                      John 12:48

The angels will assist at judgment                                                      Matthew 13:41, 49

Christ will announce the final decision upon wicked & just              Matthew 25:34-46

Believers will be judged before the nations                                                   1 Peter 4:17

The Judgment Seat will be at a specific place                                           Romans 14:10

Likely Sinai                                                                                       Psalm 68:17

Not all will be raised and judged                    Isaiah 26:14; Daniel 12:2; Jeremiah 51:57

Three classes of people will come to judgment:

  • Those who understand but do not obey or are not baptised   Romans 2:8;  Romans 6:17; Luke 12:47; 13:28; Acts 24:25, 21
  • Those who are baptised but who habitually sin      Romans 2:9; 1 John 3:10, 12
  • The faithful who will receive immortality                                         Romans 2:7


Christ goes forth to conquer

There are many aspects of the work which Christ will oversee immediately following the judgment.

A) Jews must be brought back to their land

Elijah is sent out to gather the Jews                                                               Malachi 4:5-6

Their regathering from the nations will be the Second Exodus                Ezekiel 20:33-36

As in the first Exodus, God will perform miracles                                           Micah 7:15


B) Christ comes up from the south (Sinai Peninsula) with his saints

He will first punish and convert the Arab peoples

Midian and Cush are Arab peoples                                                             Habakkuk 3:6-7

The Arabs descended from Ishmael have a blessing                                     Genesis 17:20

Arab tribes will worship at Jerusalem                                                             Isaiah 60:6-7

The Arabian peninsula will be reafforested, new waterways will be formed from the earthquake (Isaiah 30:25; Zechariah 14:5)                                              Isaiah 21:13-15

The converted Arabs will assist the fleeing Jews (notably Moab,Jordan)     Isaiah 16:2-5


Christ will “smite” and convert Egypt

The “king of the north” invades Israel and Egypt                                     Daniel 11:41-43

Under a “cruel lord” there will be civil war in Egypt                                     Isaiah 19:2-8

Christ will invade Egypt                                                                                    Isaiah 19:1

The Egyptian people will be converted to God’s worship                          Isaiah 19:19-22

Egyptian rulers and Ethiopia will come to Jerusalem to worship                     Psalm 68:31

Note:  There is a difference between “Arab” and people in countries like Iran, Sudan and Libya who are opposed to Israel.  They will be allied to the Russian-European military alliance (Ezekiel 38:1-6).  In the last few years, there has been a noticeable division in the Muslim world – between the moderate Sunni Muslims, and the extreme anti-Semitic Shiites. 




The laws (resolutions, decisions) of the EU (beast) dragon (Russia) and the false prophet (Pope), gather the nations to Armageddon.                                             Revelation 16:15

A Russian (Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech & Tubal) German (Magog) force allied to some European powers, and Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Libya and Ethiopia will invade the Middle East.                                                Ezekiel 38:1-8

All nations will be gathered against Jerusalem, and the city will fall       Zechariah 14:1-4

At Jerusalem, God will judge the nations                                                   Joel 3:1,2, 9-16

At this point, Christ will arrive with his immortalized saints                       Zechariah 14:5

There will be a huge earthquake, which will cause devastation throughout the Mediterranean-Middle East area and major land changes in Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt Zechariah 14:4; Ezekiel 47:1-12

The great northern army is destroyed, and the land cleansed                Ezekiel 39:1-6, 12


Christ enthroned

Christ saves Israel, and reveals himself to the Jews                               Zechariah 12:7-11

Christ sets up the “stone power” Kingdom of God                                     Daniel 2:35, 45

Over the next forty years, the Kingdom will absorb all nations               Revelation 11:15

Christ will rule from Zion, and issue a proclamation, “Fear God and keep his commandments…”                                                                            Revelation 14:1, 4-6

The King is enthroned in Zion, the rebuilding begins                                           Psalm 48

The Redeemer comes to Zion, and nations come to accept him          Isaiah 59:20; 60:1-7


Opposing nations declare war!

However, some nations refuse to accept Christ; they prepare war                         Psalm 2

The (10 horns/10 kings) kings of the earth (EU) declare war!                 Revelation 17:14

They are completely destroyed                                                           Revelation 19:19-21



Jewish repatriation and conversion

Meanwhile, the Jews return & rebels will be purged out.                         Ezekiel 20:33-38

Some have to fight their way back                                   Micah 4:13; 5:8; Zechariah 9:13

The Jews will be turned from their disobedience                                     Ezekiel 37:23-27

God will make a new covenant with Israel                                            Jeremiah 31:31-34

Jews are resettled in the land                                                                    Ezekiel 36:19-31


Christ, supreme world ruler

build temple

The Lord will rule the world from Zion (Jerusalem)                                       Psalm 99:1,2

His government is a theocracy, political (law) and religious (word of Lord)   Isaiah 2:2,3

He will reign as a King-priest                                                                 Zechariah 6:12-13

He will rule over the world                                                                                Psalm 72:8

The kings of the earth will honour him                                                       Psalm 72:10,11

He will exercise righteous judgment                                                               Psalm 72:2-5

His reign is righteous, providing political stability              Psalm 72:7; Isaiah 32:1, 15-18

People benefit from their labour & are happy                                                  Isaiah 65:17-

The desert lands will be transformed                                                                   Isaiah 35;

Productivity increases                                                                 Isaiah 61:11; Psalm 72:16

People will live in a rural environment                                                             Micah 4:1-4

A newly built temple will be the focus of the nations       Ezekiel 37:26; Zechariah 14:16


And the Lord shall be king over all the earth, in that day shall there be one Lord and his name one”  (Zechariah 14:9)