Ranger Prophecy



“The Bible outlines God’s purpose in the rise and fall of nations and their impact upon Israel. The characteristics of these ancient nations live on in their modern counterparts. The instability of the Middle East comes from the collapse of the old Turkish Empire in World War I, paving the way for Israel’s return. Never before has an ancient people been dispossessed of their lands, retained their identity while in exile, AND been reinstated as a nation again.”

Seminar 1. What is prophecy? Why is it important? We will look at the general subject of Bible Prophecy, and it’s importance in the purpose of God. We will then look at the main theme of Bible Prophecy – the establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth..

Seminar 2. The foundation prophecy – History foretold by Daniel. Chapters 2 and 7. We will look in some detail at the remarkable set of prophecies in these two chapters of Daniel, and see that they form a key to unlock the rest of Bible Prophecy.

Seminar 3. Unlocking the book of Revelation. The book of Revelation has fascinated people for years – but often the key to unlock it’s enigmas is ignored. This seminar will give us the main themes and ideas contained in this remarkable book.

Seminar 4. More from Daniel. We’ll look at another remarkable chapter of Daniel’s book – the amazing ninth chapter will bring us to the time of Jesus Christ and unlock for us the purpose of his life.

Seminar 5. Prophecy from Jesus Christ. Jesus gave some remarkable prophecies during his brief time of preaching. We’ll look at the incredibly interesting on known as the “Olivet Prophecy”.

Seminar 6. Where are we today? What does Bible Prophecy say about our days? We’ll examine Bible Prophecy that is specific relevant to the days we live in, and what is just around the corner. (Ezekiel 38 and Zechariah 14 amongst others).

Seminar 7. The establishment of God’s Kingdom. We’ll look at some of the details of how God’s Kingdom will be set up on the Earth, with the establishment of Jerusalem as the capital city of a new world order.

Unlocking Bible Prophecy: Riccarton Primary School, 1 English Street, Sockburn, Christchurch. 7:30pm start on Wednesday evenings.



“This course will lay the basis of the key teaching of the Bible. These are three ancient promises which were made concerning life, a nation and a land, and a throne and a kingdom.  All these come together in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Come and discover that the New Testament cannot be understood without knowing the Old Testament. Jesus Christ used the Old Testament as the basis of his teaching.

Key to Understanding the Bible: Upper Riccarton Library, Learning Centre Room 3

71 Main South Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch. 7:30pm start on Wednesday evenings.


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